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Cast & Crew of Upcoming Film, Cama Sood Hara & Star Pancho, support U.K.'s Kala Niketan Hindi Schools Bollywood fundraiser with Singer Raj Beri

Adam McGrath - Producer - Haresh Sood Films

30 Jun 2023

Around 30 team members from the upcoming documentary by Haresh Sood Films attended the fundraising event for Kala Niketan Hindi Language School to lend their support and celebrate Pancho's Birthday (the star of their new film) at Laguna Restaurant Nottingham.

Haresh Sood Films who are known for their global award winning documentary & hit film, 'My Neices Big Fat Delhi Wedding' recently wrapped their shooting schedule in Spain, Kuwait and India and returned to the UK for their new film 'Cama Sood Hara'. The film encompasses and embrases the Hindi language, not to mention the hidden message in its title which is a spin on an old sanskrit word.

To celebrate the birthday of the star of the film, Pancho, (Haresh's hazel eyed chocolate labrador), he enjoyed his cake and dressed for the occassion. Pancho who understands most of his commands in Hindi, (in particular 'Namastay' as seen below) also loves watching bollwood films and barks whenever he listens to Hindi classics by Asha Bhosle & Lata Mangeshkar.

The team were delighted to hear from Head Teacher Sumita Beri and some of her staff (Payal, Ashleh, Pragya and Hari om) who have taken the school to new heights building on the work of the founder Mrs. S. Mohindra. Sumita explained the great work that Kala Niketan do to keep the Hindi language alive in the UK. The school aims to bridge the language gap between children today and their grandparents who emigrated to the UK from India and to learn about their roots. Sumita also emphasised the fun, by calling the event, 'Fun' tastic & Superb' and encouraged many people to donate and support the school and its educational initiatives.

The core team, Adam McGrath (Producer), Will Cocker (Editor) and Haresh Sood (Director) who all head up Haresh Sood Films are avid supporters of education, having taught and lectured in Film / Langauges between them.

Their exclusive guestlist included 30 participants and supporters of their new film, whilst many others could not attend as it was sold out, (who sent their good wishes). Together they helped raise funds for the school by buying 30 tickets and donating £100 from Haresh Sood Law Chambers.

Their list included, IT Wizz, Gary Bentley (of GB Micros) who attended with his wife Gail. Gary provides and supports IT services to many schools throughout Nottinghamshire via his company to ensure learning can be made more accessible, including languages. Both of them said 'The popadoms and pakoras were lovely!'

Haresh Sood Films, official Hair, Dress and Make up Artist Manjala Sood Rana ( MR Hair & Beauty) sat with Naseem Anwar (Editor of the upcoming blog HASO and writer) swinging their arms in the air to the joyful bollywood music. Film set Runner Jim Redgate also expressed his enjoyment by calling the event 'exceptional'. Friend of Haresh, Mary McGowan, also attended to lend her support and gave her good wishes to the team who has always actively supported many Indian community projects for years. Furthermore, Colin Morrison, from the Trent Vinyard Church said 'The samosas were delicious and I cannot wait to see myself in the film'.

From the Film world, David Downes of Nottingham Trent University Film School attended as did MA leader and Film Producer Colin Pons from Sheffield Hallam University; Colin Pons, one of the men behind the hilarious comedy 'Chicken Tikka Masala' boogied to the bollywood tunes perfecting his dance moves.

From the Educational world, Gina Elliott (P.E & Swimming Teacher), Tara Russo (MFL Teacher and Mindfulness & Meditation Coach), Sally Marshall, Della Thurgood and Thomas Gallagher, Swati Kacker (all who have worked in Literary reprographic, child support and welfare roles), Eleanor Tweedie (Former Head teacher of QMC Children's Hospital School) and Gary Mace (Maths teacher and Leader of the Waymaker Church) attended. All of them described the event as 'Splendid and colourful' describing the chicken curry and naan bread as 'scrumptuous'.

From the medical world, Dr. Rajnish Kacker, Dr. Sudha Vashista, Dr. Rakesh Sachdeva and his wife Manju a Practitioner in Ayuvedic Homeopathy, all expressed their delight as they tapped their feet to the music saying 'balle balle'.

There was lots of buzz about the upcoming film and the question of everyone’s lips was “when will Cama Sood Hara film be released?” Although Director Haresh and Editor Will are deep into the edit at the moment, excited followers of Haresh Sood Films should keep their eyes peeled on their social media sites and this website for upcoming announcements over the coming months.

Famous local singer Rajan Beri sang the Bollywood songs which brought everyone to the dancefloor, including music producer Mark Gamble and Lynne his partner. Mark's best selling record as a producer was 'Please Don't Go' by KWS, which spent 5 weeks at number 12 in the UK and 6 in the USA. Mark has produced a duet song featuring Rajan and Haresh for the upcoming feature length documentary. Next to them, Shama Gupta, Solicitor (and DJ in the making) sat with Martin Stack (DJ Skillmaster) getting tips for her debut gig whilst enjoying the Ras Malai. In the midst of all of this music and fun, Haresh's father Sudesh (Deshi as he is known), gave his 'cheers' whilst raising his pint of Cobra !

Rajan joked that he was sweating over whether he would make the final cut of the film, after recording the song in Mark's studio WB2 in Nottingham. We think you’ll be fine there Rajan!

With Hindi language all around us in bollywood films and many TV programmes, Rajan's songs spead the word further with his delightful Hindi songs. The staff and attendees all dressed in Bollywood outfits to support it's theme and danced along with the Head Teacher Sumita, who led the way for all the ladies swinging her hips to veteren actress Helen's songs whilst adopting a SriDevi Kaala Chashma bollylook (Black sunglasses). Manju Sachdeva could not resist dancing with Sumita to Rajan's beautifully sung hit song, Kuch na Kaho from 1947 a love story.

Mr Mohan Khera, Chairman of the Hindi school said 'I am delighted with the event and grateful for the support of Haresh Sood Films and the entire team who attended not to mention their donations which were very generous. My wife Veena and daughter in law Neerja, all helped sell raffle tickets raising funds'. Mr. Khera, who has served as chairman of many Equality and Diversity committees for many years and lead many diversity projects, is committed to raising the profile of the school.

Mr Bhavesh Jani, of Nottingham Asian Arts Council (NAAC). and the pillar of South Asian community cohesian expressed his enchantment and said 'Well done to KNHS, more and more children can access this wonderful provision'.

Haresh, also a Barrister at Clerksroom said 'I am a trained languages teacher and cannot emphasise the importance of knowing your mother tongue. I learned Hindi on the spot when I used to work for the wonderful late Kaval Vaseer (BBC Presenter) as his journalist, and realised how many doors it opened for me. Not only is it important to speak it, it must be spoken with the correct accent, something this Hindi school homes in on thankfully yeilds results in, keep up the good work Sumita and team', I would like to see more people support the school in the future as it is one of the most unique educational initiatives supporting Hindi in the UK'.

Adam Mcgrath Producer said, 'The food and entertainment were fabulous, do not miss this event next year! we will keep you posted on the film so stay tuned, all that food, music and fun made me feel like the bollywood star Hritik Roshan myself as I moved my hips with the ladies'.

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